Top Service That Offered By Penetration Testing Service Providers

Nowadays, when people are starting to talk about computer security, what first rings a bell is usually the penetration test offered by a penetration test company. This is a specific sort of data security test. Where the alleged “pen analyzer” tests an organization’s computer system security protections, finding shortcomings and afterwards suggesting restorative activity.

Typically, numerous entrepreneurs deep down moan when they realize they need to contact penetration testing service providers for their business.

This phenomenon usually happened in the pentest company in Malaysia. Whether this appears as an in-house group or outside experts. They will only see this service is useless for their business.

Because of the cost of service charged by some of the top pen test companies maybe not so reasonable and affordable for some organization. But, the fact of the matter is different. View from other aspects, penetration testing actually can convey genuine incentives for an organization.

If you are planning to look for the pentest firm in Malaysia, there are a few services that you should know before you choose that. To test whether your choice is the right one, here is the professional service that usually provided by penetration testing service providers in Malaysia.

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Digital forensic investigation

There is an increase in the number of cybercrime cases in Malaysia in recent days. This is an undoubted fact that people are relying more on digital devices and the internet to either carry their business transactions or save important information and data in digital form.

The investigation of digital forensic Malaysia usually has a variety of applications. The most well-known is to help or invalidate a theory before criminal or ordinary courts.

Criminology may likewise include in the private area, for example, during corporate interior examinations or interruption examination. This is an authority test into the nature and degree of an unapproved organize interruption.

Remember that the very idea of a computer implies that whatever you do leaves a path of proof. However, to be utilized in court, this should be assembled and dealt with so that it is not undermined. This is the place where computer forensics Malaysia becomes an integral factor.

There are a lot of penetration testing service companies in Malaysia like LGMS which are providing the best forensic service. The best forensic service Malaysia usually can be found around the central city area, such as Cheras, Ampang, Petaling Jaya, and so on.

PCI security investigation

The PCI security investigation is a process that is helping vendors, and money related organizations comprehend. And execute norms for security strategies, advancements and continuous procedures that shield their instalment frameworks from ruptures and robbery of cardholder information.

PCI DSS companies Malaysia usually will offer this investigation for helping sellers comprehend and execute guidelines for making secure instalment arrangements.


Cybersecurity training

Most of the time, the pentest company in Malaysia will offer a cyber-security compromise assessment for the customer. The cost charged in cybersecurity training Malaysia usually around RM 6,000 to RM 8,000, and it depend s on the choice you pick. What is inside an excellent course of the cybersecurity training?

cyber security training malaysia

Some of the pentest company even providing the others service to help a company to secure well in their company computer system. The other services are included the cox certification training and cask training.

The owner of a company should always advise their employees to take part in a cask training course Malaysia that supervised by a group of professional ethical hacking team.

Aside from that, to be able more specialized in this sort of things, the owner also advised to let the employee test themselves in the cos certification training Malaysia.